Born in Cologne, Germany
Participation in artistic summer camps for children in Germany, Brazil, the USA and Austria
Cubist oil painting on cardboard
1. Prize at the annual school exhibition
Since 1995
Sculptures made of clay
First large format
From soup to nuts, abstract, acrylic on woodchip (43.3 x 70.9 in / 110 x 180 cm, 9 liters of acrylic paint)
Theoretical analysis of the artworks by Roy Lichtenstein
1997 – 2005
Organization of 9 art events called “Malsessions”: two-day events to engage in the free painting and artistic exchange of laity + subsequent openings (Ø 15 participants each)
Nude Drawing at Diego Bianconi, Swiss artist and lecturer at the FH Nuremberg, Germany
Painting and study trips to Norway, Sweden and Sardinia
Landscapes, watercolor
First self-portrait
2001 – 2002
Soapstone sculptures
2001 – 2004
Focus: nude painting, acrylic on cardboard and glass plate
Theoretical analysis of the artworks by Francis Alÿs
2004 – 2008
Focus: landscape painting, acrylic on cardboard
Experiments: “figure paintings” – figures made of clay attached to paintings on cardboard
Theoretical analysis of the Flemish painting of the 16th-18th century
Painting and study trip to Kenya
Landscape painting, watercolor
Summer Course Sculpture under the direction of Michael Susanna, sculptor and painter, Vienna (Austria), public space
Participation at the Viennese art show “Agora” in public space with the sculpture “Ballerina’s leg” in sandstone (height: ∼59 in / ∼150 cm, base: ∼24 x 24 in / ∼60 x 60 cm)
2009 – 2014
Nude, landscape and object in acrylic on cardboard
Happening in public space in Vienna (Austria) “We make the Augarten wall disappear” as a supporter of the Josefinisches Erlustigungskomitee together with Laser Graffiti Artist Michael Zeltner of the Graffiti Research Lab Vienna.
Painting and study trip to Hamburg, Germany
Theoretical analysis of the artworks by Edward Hopper
Since 2015
Abstract painting in acrylic on canvas
Online on Saatchi Art and artebooking
Since 2016
Abstract painting in acrylic + ink on canvas