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Please note on the subject “Acquire / Advertising”:
On the basis of the German law TMG I am forced to explicitly state a postal address, but expressly refer to §7 of the German UWG “Unpredictable Harassment”, the protection lists of DDV, I.D.I, SDV , the ECG list, the Do Not Call Register and other entries I’ve made since 1994 in Robinson lists etc and shall keep my steps against you in the case of infringement and violation of §7 (3) no. 3 of the UWG respectively equal laws in your country. Of course, I do not only expressly allow you to contact me on the subject of “art” and, above all, relating to my own art in all forms whatsoever but I look forward to hearing from you!

List of sources for pictures and images used on this website:

  • icons “legal hammer” and “fullscreen” by Freepik (CC 3.0 BY)
  • flags and icon “exit fullscreen” by Benjamin Klemencic (CC0 1.0)
  • All other images and texts by Benjamin Klemencic (All rights reserved)

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