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original acrylic paintings on canvas · unique · one of a kind · signed

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“Crush in Blue” · 2016 · Acrylic and Ink on Canvas · 19.7 × 15.7 in

“A laughter is nothing else but the summer lightening joy of a soul, a flashing light to the outside just the way it shines inside.” (Dante)
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“Petit rêve” · 2016 · Acrylic and Ink on Canvas · 15.7 × 19.7 in

“The dream is a bulwark against the regularity and commonness of life, a free recreation of the fettered phantasy, in which it mixes together all the pictures of life and interrupts the continued earnestness of grown-up men with a joyous…
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“Chameleon” · 2017 · Acrylic and Ink on Canvas · 7.8 × 11.8 in

“Watch it!” I stop abruptly and look at him questioningly. “There! Just right infront of you!” and points to the lush green of the meadow. Crouching, I let one of the many tiny chameleons crawl around me on my finger….
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“Nude in the Pool” · 2017 · Acrylic and Ink on Canvas · 7.8 × 11.8 in

The technique I have applied here I recently discovered by chance. I would be surprised if I were the first. It leans on Giclée, although here the ink reaches the screen thanks to water. Many artists have also made use…
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